Electrical installation

We offer comprehensive electrical services for businesses focused on automation lines. With many years of experience and expert electricians, we are your reliable partner for electrical work.

Our services include

Installation and modernization of electrical systems

From planning and design to installation itself, we provide you with reliable installation of electrical systems for your automation lines. We will thoroughly focus on ensuring the efficiency and safety of your operation.

Production and replacement of switchboards

We are specialized in the production of high-quality and safe switchboards. We also offer replacement of sensors and their integration into automation systems. We ensure that your lines are equipped with the latest technologies and sensors that optimize your processes.

Repairs, maintenance and replacement of sensors

We quickly and efficiently provide repairs and maintenance of electrical faults on your automation lines. In addition, we replace sensors that are used for accurate measurement and monitoring. The experts in our team will take care of the trouble-free operation of your automation lines.

Security and monitoring

We provide installation of security and monitoring systems to protect your business premises and automation lines. Rely on our experience in implementing security measures and monitoring systems to give you peace of mind and control over your production infrastructure.

Rely on our expertise and experience to solve your electrical needs for automation lines.

Contact us today and we will be happy to help you with your projects.