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Professional in the automotive industry

About us

Our company is a professional in the automotive industry. We are able to quickly and efficiently respond to every new challenge our customers present to us. Customer satisfaction is our priority and therefore we devote all our efforts so that we can deliver the products and service of only the highest quality.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to work on your goals.

We have established a new partnership hansungwt.com

We are offering


Our team of specialists is able to handle all the requirements of our customers. We can offer you consultation with professionals in the field who will help you find the right solution.


We provide quality care in the field of repair and maintenance of production lines. We have a professional team of welders and technicians who guarantee the quality of our work.


We bring a complete solution from initial idea, through technical documentation and processing to manufacturing and final assembly. Everything in the shortest possible time.

Casters offer

Dear customers. We would like to introduce our new offer of Castres. The catalog can be viewed here

LED lighting offer

Dear customers. We would like to introduce our new offer of LED lighting. The catalog can be viewed here

Electrical work

Our team of specialists will prepare for you solutions to any of your electrical work requirements

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